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Gopal Ji

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Why we work with independent master tailors.

We now started working with Gopal Ji, a talented master tailor, who works on his own. Beside his years of experience he has kind and humble heart, and peaceful mind. It is so easy to communicate and work with him.⁠ He works from his tiny cute workshop on a small back street. And he works old-school - with a manual feet driven sewing machine. It is sheer pleasure to spend time with him and watch him work.

For 9 years in this industry, we have been working with so many factories and tailors.⁠

We are doing our research, trying to be conscious and making the right choices, or at least the better choices for every step we take.⁠

When working with factories, we always make sure that the tailors have decent working condition (solid construction building, clean air and natural light, clean and hygiene facilities, proper working time) and no child labor is involved. ⁠

However, there are many good things about working with independent tailors.

- Firstly

We support directly a person who works from their own space with own working pace, they find comfortable and not framed by the factory owner. They have the opportunity to ask for their prices too. For us that means giving more directly to them! ⁠

- Secondly

We create proper connection with the tailor. The energy flows from their hands and heart into the crafts thus making them unique and with personal touch to details. ⁠

- Thirdly

No mas production, no minimum order, no impossible deadlines and no over producing. We can work in small scale and do customizations all along so we create responsibly and with calm mind. ⁠

- Fourthly

We bring the waste to minimum. We use our fabrics to the maximum thus leaving the land fields a tiny bit cleaner.

We are proud to hand you wonderful crafts with transparency in its journey. That piece you bought will always carry its story and remind you of a meaningful experience. ⁠


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