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Handmade is the Best Made

We live in mass production world where most products are made in enormous scale. They are mainly made by heavy machinery without any personal touch. As a result, products are cheaper but soulless.

Mass production means quick production and buying in bulk. In this new world we live more like robots, just consuming and being consumed, without really living meaningfully.

We forget that we are part of the miracle of life and we are life itself manifesting in precious human form, capable of creating and feeling deep love and appreciation. We have forgotten our superpowers and origins. Handmade creations bring back the deep appreciation and connection to the things that you own.

If you feel like me, here are the reasons why handmade is hand down the “best made”.

Handmade crafts are unique and exquisite.

It has its own journey and flaws. It is soulful and carries the wisdom and spirit of the craftsmen, the energy flowing from their hands and hearts into the crafts. They are usually made in small scale or even one of a kind, so you can get a piece like no other. It is imperfectly beautiful just like you and me.

Buying handmade items helps preserving and supporting skillful craftsmen with years of experiences. Handmade is made mindfully and intentionally by skillful passionate people who follow and preserve their precious traditions. It reflects the beauty and history of their culture passed from generation to generation since ancient times.

Handmade creations are made individually with personal touch. Every single piece is made with love and has been given great attention to details. Thus, the final craft in your hands is with finest quality.

A handmade piece is bold and authentic.

Since it’s made by a real person, it speaks its own language and expresses the beauty in its authentic way. It will always remind you of the story and meaningful experience with that piece you bought. Handmade creations are different from others and make no compromise.

Handmade is green.

The more it’s made by hand, the less heavy machinery is involved, leaving lighter footprint on the planet. Craftsmen mostly work from their own communities and doesn’t need to go to work in a big city which makes it more environmentally sustainable.

Handmade crafts carry their own stories

and remind us of individual beauty like no other.

They teach us to embrace the process of life, to take time to appreciate things we own properly and live life deeper.



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