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Monkey Business

We have deep love for nature. We wish to set a reminder that we are sharing this beautiful planet with other living beings. We hope it will inspire you to live closer to nature rather than fearing it.

Here are some of my favorite friends – the black face monkey. They are also called gray langurs, sacred langurs, Hanuman langurs or Hanuman monkeys. They are Old World Monkeys native to a wide area of India, south of the Himalayas.

They are very intelligent, calm, kind, loving and playful. We love to watch them sunbathing, relaxing in nature and playing with each other.

In India, people have always been living harmoniously among and with animals. You can see peacocks, dears, cows and bulls, pigs, sheep and goats, camels and so many more living freely and just roaming about your “street”.

Many animals are considered sacred and exalted as symbols of Hindu Gods/ Goddesses or somehow related to them. Langurs are ancient species recognized as symbol of Sri Hanuman Ji, the Lord of wind.