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Once upon a time in Tibetan Highland

Ladakh - Land of Magic

It was in the year 2016 when we found ourselves in this magical place. Surrounded by great Himalayan Ranges Ladakh is a cold desert nested at 3500m above sea level. Known as Khapa-Chan – Snow land, as the locals know it, it is a home of many Tibetan refugees. They live peacefully with the Ladakhi forming an amazing cultural blend. The incredible people and the breathtaking, out-of-the-Earth landscapes had made Ladakh a land like no other.

Reaching Ladakh over land is not easy. Whenever we have the opportunity, we choose to travel like the locals. This trip was no exception. It took us two days on government busses to reach the capital city Leh. Minute by minute the landscape kept on changing from evergreen forest to hundreds of waterfalls and lakes, to snow hills and finally the cold desert land - land beyond imagination. ⁠

Upon arriving, an old Tibetan gentleman with a prayer wheel in hand and gentle smile on his face, looked at us and nodded. We made it, and he was greeting us for our achievement. It felt just like we’ve traveled back in time and into a different galaxy. The vibe was so different than anything we’ve experienced so far in our travels.

The following days left an unforgettable mark on both of us. Experiencing the local culture and soaking the magnificent views was priceless and beyond words. We found ourselves in ancient time when the world was moved by faith in people’s hearts. ⁠

We feel so deeply connected to Tibetan Buddhism tradition for so many reasons we could write entire book about it.

Constantly drawn to these lands we will always find a way to come back.


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