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Tourist or Traveler?

Which one are you?⁠

We wondered what makes the difference between them. We wrote down few things that we can think of.⁠

🧳 Tourists go on holiday.⁠

⛺️ Travelers go travelling.⁠

♻️ Eco-tourists go on holiday or travel with responsibility.⁠

Tourists are usually short term vacationers who travel with comfort in mind. Bound by time, they follow a pre-arranged plan and visit popular locations and activities from the brochures only. Guide books are their best friends. They don't really wander out and meet local people except those who happen to be their guides or hosts. Sticking to a tailored vacation leaves less to no space to explore a place in depth, to meet people off the track and soak the beauty (or the wrath) of places not mentioned in the reviews.

Travelers, on the other hand, have more time to explore – merge with places and connect with people. Travelers usually go off the guidebook discover new trails and trust their instinctive nature to tell them where to go and what to explore. ⁠Having a flexible plan or no plan at all, leaves doors open and brings opportunities. Most travelers try their best to blend in. They usually respect the social norms and cultures of where they are. Flowing into local’s daily life routines offers a deeper connection with places and people. More often than not a traveler leaves a place as friend.⁠

And then there are the Eco-tourists. Usually more concerned about sustainable, ethical and cultural aspects, they would make a research and educate themselves about a place and its people before they plan their trip. They are aware of environmental footprints, long term impact and take local well-being in account. Eco-tourists will carefully choose their means of transportation, lodging, economical effect etc. as to bring to minimum any negative consequences.

That makes Eco-tourists travel with more responsibility of their actions.⁠

Which one are more likely to be you?

Can you think of more differences?

Let us know in the comments.


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