A bold, enchanting dress with a hint of bohemian charm. 
Wide butterfly sleeves that will surely give you butterflies in the endless summer dream.


Featuring a plunging V neckline with an open back and adjustable ties, 
perfect for dressing up for a romantic day to remember.


Delicately made – the light and luxe texture of Linen Cotton blend fabric made for all women who embrace their own beauty and dare to express their uniqueness.

Linen cotton will get even softer and more beautiful over time, turning itself into a longtime companion.

Made of 40% linen & 60% cotton blend we offer the benefit of both fabrics in one garment.
Linen is lightweight and durable which increases the life time of the garment, while cotton gives a smooth and soft touch to the texture.

Both cotton and linen are eco-friendly fabrics because they are made from natural fibers. Thus, the fabrics are 100% bio-digestible, environmentally and socially responsible.


Garment measurements:
Bust:  32-38 in
Waist: 24-38 in
Length: 35 in
Skirt’s hemline width: 58 in


Garment care:
For the first few washes, wash separately by hand in cool water. We always recommend hand washing whenever you can - to keep longer life time for your clothes and preserve our Mama Earth.

Afiya Dress in Natural White