It was love at first sight - gorgeous, colorful hand block printed fabric featuring handmade running stitches all over. 			They are hsndmade by skillful craftsmen who follow and preserve their precious traditions. Our Saffron bags reflect perfectly the beauty and history of their culture passed from generation to generation since ancient times. 			Each bag is soulful, the energy flowing from the craftsman's hands and heart into the bags. They are one of a kind, so you get a piece like no other. 			 			Perfectly sized, our bag is made in authentic Rajasthani style inspired by different ethnic people of the desert. Light and colorful, it is a great way to brighten up your outfit and your day. Pair with your casual look and you will be ready to take off.			 			Made in small scale with intention to preserve beautiful art and Mama Earth in mind.			 			Measurements:			Hight:10" Width: 9"-12" Strap: 55"

Hand Block Print Ethnic Saffron Shoulder Bag

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