Made with high quality waxed strings this necklace will become a long time companion of the wearer. The long-time experience of the artisan ensures delicate and detailed work. The adjustable length allows the pendant to be worn as high as a chocker and all the way down to the Solar Plexus.
The rather rough patterns used and the thick wrap and necklace make it more suitable for men or women who prefer more massive jewelry.

This stone is used to cure gynecological problems and problems related to the stomach. Jasper is a strong securing and emotionally calming gemstone and helps in relieving stress. This stone also offers powerful protection against things that are not good for you and helps in balancing vibrations of the body and thereby used in healing as it absorbs negative energy and cleans and aligns the chakras.

Orange is the combination of red and yellow colors. It is a warm, positive and stimulating color. This color stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. Orange symbolizes vitality with endurance.

Total length: 28 in;
Pendant length: 2 in;
Necklace length: (4 - 15) in, adjustable;
Orange Jasper gemstone length: 2 in.

Colors on the photos may vary on different devices. Please, contact me if you need extra photos for reference.
If you wish a similar necklace with different stone or string color, I will happy to make one specially for you.
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Orange aventurine macrame necklace

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