Gorgeous bohemian shoulder bag that can be matched perfectly with any design from our shop.

Hand patchwork and traditional Kashmiri embroidery have existed since silk road time. The ethnic motifs are of florals and animal design. A visual expression of the rich local culture, they can be found only in this area. We preserve authentic traditions, support artisan families and leave lighter footprint on Earth.

 All pockets are lined inside.


Bag Measurement:

Width: 8"

Length: 9.5"

Shoulder string lenght:  48"


Why did we decide to work with faux over genuin leather?

We always try to be as transparent as possible. We had the opportunity to choose between real leather and faux one.

Faux suede leather is animal-friendly alternative that fully maintains the appearance and texture suede. It is made of polyester. Faux suede is usually water repellent if not completely waterproof all on its own. It is essentially made of recycled, refined plastic, which makes it very weather resistant.

Faux suede offers a range of benefits over real leather.

  • It has soft and luxurious feeling, brushed face and is long lasting.
  • Unlike other everyday garments, this material is very durable and stain resistant, so you don’t need to wash it often if not at all. You can easily clean stains off without washing, so it won’t shed micro fibers during washing process and can last for years while being animal friendly.


Leatherer, on the other hand, is made from animal skin. It is impossible to obtain it without killing them. A significant carbon foot print is left while farming herds of animals just to be able to produce leather products. It becomes a business to kill sheep, goats and many more for fashion. Furthermore, to make leather soft, without smell and then dyed in to favorable colours, it is treated with a number of harsh chemicals.


We wish to preserve the tradition with compassion toward animals and Mama Earth.

Same as silicone is been used in medical industry, Faux suede is a perfect replacement for lather-like products and made to be loved long term. We love the Kashmiri traditional hand patchwork and hope it will transport you to the rich culture of those lands.