A gorgeous gentle set for a free spirit, wild soul who is deeply in love with the ocean. Our Natural Seashell Brass Jewelry is a beautiful and one of a kind gift to yourself or a loved one.


Made of pure brass without lead and nickel. Seashell in various sizes make the set unique and exquisite.

Each seashell is one of a kind. Seashells on each set slightly vary in size and shape and will not be exactly as on the photos.


Necklace: 20 in.
Pendant: roughly width 2 height 2.5 cm
Earrings: roughly width 2 height 2.5 cm
Bracelet: adjustable to fit all sizes.
Rings: natural seashell ring and brass shell ring - size 7 US, adjustable simple round ring - size 6 US
Seashells size: roughly width 1.5 cm; height 2 cm


Same as silver, it is normal that brass gets darker with time. Some people prefer to have the rustic appeal but if you want to bring the shining color back, rub with lemon or baking soda with fine steel wool.


+ Necklace size available: 16 in, 18in, 20 in, and 22 in (the one in the picture is 20 in);
+ If you have any question please do no hesitate to message.
+ The set comes in a natural cotton string bag.

Sea Lover Set in Brass