Originating from a small village in the foothills of The Himalayas, this Hand-woven Scarf will transport you to rich and luxe ancient tale India the moment you put it on.

Made with unbleached natural organic cotton it is very soft and yet has a touch of the roughness of natural authenticity.

Handwoven garments are unique and carry their own stories. They contain a part of the wisdom and the spirit of the artisans who put their hands on the looms. By using natural handcrafted fabrics and this ancient way of waving, we aim to create a piece that is not only comfortable and aesthetic but also one of a kind, and so to remind ourselves of the beauty of differences. Enclosing part of the energy flowing from the weaver’s hands and hearts into the fabrics helps us reconnect our souls to nature and the mother earth.


Garment measurements:

Width: 25-28 in

Length: 66-70 in (As handwoven scarfs are creating by hand so they might be slightly varied in size; each piece length can be 1-4 in different than others. Please, kindly contact us for exact measurement and other information and photos before placing an order.)


Dune Scarf