Effortless, sensual, and indigenous - Daku dress brings about ancient times and tales. Made with natural organic cotton which has been loomed together by artisans following an ancient tradition. The fabric we use is made to order in small scale by local indigenous people who can support their family all year round by working with us.
We adored the dress with block-print ethnic patterns. 
This beauty is very comfortable to wear and will make you feel as divine as it looks.

What is hand Block-printing?
Block Printing is a traditional way of applying motifs onto the fabric by the use of hand-carved wooden blocks. Those are dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto the fabric. The motifs are a visual expression of the rich culture of the Rajasthani peoples.

Why we chose to work with Hand Block Printing? 
By using this ancient method, we turn the clock backwards. We aim to preserve authentic traditions, support artisan families and set a reminder that all the good things take time. Our intention is to bring to life a piece that is not only comfortable and aesthetic but also one of a kind and so to remind us of the beauty of differences.

What makes Hand Block Printing so precious to us?
Every Hand Block Printed garment is unique and carries their own story. Hand Block Printing contains the wisdom and spirit of the tribes, the energy flowing from their hands and hearts into the fabrics thus making them unique and exquisite. 

There are no two pieces same.
Imperfectly beautiful just like you and me.

Garment measurements:
Bust: up to 38 in
Waist: up to 36 in
Hip: up to 38 in
Length: 52 in

Or if you want custom size, please kindly contact us and give us about five days extra to create it.

The fabrics are 100% bio-digestible, environmentally and socially responsible. 
Created in small scale by local artisans in the very area where the fabric itself is produced.
By using natural handcrafted fabrics and this ancient way of waving, we aim to create a piece that is not only comfortable and aesthetic but also supporting the real people who put their hands and hearts to create the piece. 

Available in natural color.