Handwoven organic natural cotton kimono with tribal motifs - dyed with low impact colors in traditional way.
The pieces have been woven together by the hands of our skillful indigenous artisans in villages in the north of Thailand. 
We work ethically with our women artisans who are using a portable backstrap loom tool to create these pieces. This is an ancient way of weaving passed from generation to generation. They spend up to 5 days to create one piece of traditional cloth.
We emphasize the beauty with traditional motif weaves onto every piece. The motif patterns in the kimonos represent their very own culture and the wisdom of living along with nature. We value this precious hand woven indigenous garments as each of them contains wisdom of tribes & spirits and the energy of the craftspeople, thus making them more precise and magnificent. 

These handwoven crafts are made with so much love and care - for the artisans, for the materials, for the person who will one day wear them. They are easy to wear and can go with any of your style. Every piece is unique and carries its own story. Every piece is a guarantee of good karma and contentment.🙏

Garment measurements:
Width: 48 in;
Height: 40 in;

As everyone of them is one of a kind,  please, kindly contact us for additional information and photos before placing an order.

Kendi Kimono