Inspired by the Tropics, we created a comfortable, lite, breathable and yet elegant design. 

Every piece is hand-crocheted with gorgeous patterns. This full-length, open back dress will make all your paradise dreams come true! With string around the neck and V-shape neckline it gives a sensual and playful feeling every time you put it on. Top-up your style with delicate necklace or boho jewelry for an image that will never remain unnoticed. 


Instead of mass production we have chosen to support a local women community. We go to their houses and work on the designs together. We do local. We do direct. We do fair.


Every piece is made completely by hand without any machines involved by local women community in Indonesia - 100% direct and fair trade. The cotton yarn is all natural and colored with low impact dye. 


Every single creation receives its own story while being woven. 
You can feel the love on your skin.

We use low impact colors and natural process of dying. Natural cotton fabrics naturally lose a bit of color on the first few washes. Colors on the photos may slightly vary on different screens.


Garment measurements:
Length: 55 in
Bust: 34 - 38 in
Waist: 28 - 32 in
Hip: 36+ (stretchable, elastic)

Maxi Hand Crochet Dress