Amber resins, the normal non-fossilized kind, are made of resinoids and oleoresins from trees such as Myrrh, Frankincense, Benzoin, Sal tree, and labdanum then infused with other natural oils. Our Crystalized Natural Amber Resin is a blend of tree resins and oils native to the mystical Himalayan Mountain range of India.Our Amber resin infused with natural oils is traditional made from family who live in the silk road route and pass this ancient knowledge from generation to generation.Amber resin infused with natural oils is highly valued and have been used since ancient times. With its roots in the Middle East, it had been traded on the Silk Road for centuries.Throughout history, the Amber resins of desert plants were prized as both religious offerings and luxury perfumes. The ancient Egyptians elevated perfumery to an art form, with compound incenses like the famous Kyphi. Today, the finest amber resins come from India. **It is not the same as the semi-precious gem amber (fossilized tree resin) or ambergris (a perfume ingredient from sperm whale intestines).**The amber note is a sweet, warm, earthy and woody scent. Amber note is a fragrance of love and abundance. It smells absolutely divine. WHY OUR AMBER RESINS ARE DIFFERENT:Unlike perfume oils which are mostly synthetically made in laboratory, our Amber Resins are naturally obtained from the bark of trees. They are pure and natural. Like other aroma therapeutic plant extracts, Amber resins have healing properties and been used in a way to achieve balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Amber resins infused with natural oils usually blend well with the body of the wearer and create unique pleasant scent in each person. Amber helps improving relaxation, altering brain waves, increasing sensual pleasure, heart energy and positive vibes. Its helps to increase cognition in the nervous system and triggers feelings of happiness. Amber worn directly on human skin generates a chemical reaction which frees oil into the human body and improves the bloodstream. DETAILS OF THE SET:-     Fine quality Indian natural Amber resin - 10gr.-     Handcrafted rosewood box as container.-       The set comes in a raw cotton carry bag.HOW TO USE:1. Amber resin may be used as all-natural body perfume. Warm the resin with your hands and rub on the pulse points. 2. You can also carry a piece of amber with you in a small box or locket, allowing the fragrance to slowly dissipate.3. Put some in a locket or place a small bit in your cauldron on a prepared charcoal disk and burn as an incense.+ We offer 4 kinds of natural Amber resins infused with natural oils. Please contact us if you need more pictures or information.+ We offer Amber resins in their natural crystalized form, semi-solid resinous cubes. May include powder or granules.+ Handcrafted Rosewood wooden boxes are made by hand, every piece is different than others.

Natural Amber Resin Solid Perfume in Handcrafted Rosewood wooden box