Model hight: 5’5” & 5'7"
Sera dress is a loose fit dress and perfect for women of 5’3”-5’9” hight. US size 4-10


Sera Dress is a free flow, elegant dress for free flow elegant life. A drop-dead gorgeous design that look so effortless yet catching attention wherever you go.

Well crated with the luxe texture of linen cotton blend, gives you the most pleasant and exquisite feel.


Enchanted with Hand Block Print, its design is carved onto the wooden block by hand. The carved block is then dipped into the dye and stamped onto the fabric with steady hands. The whole process is done entirely by hand.


The knee-high splits on both sides make movement easy and gracious.

For an extra practical touch, we put bust lining and pockets on both sides.

It feels divine every time you put it on!


Made of linen & cotton blend we offer the benefit of both fabrics in one garment.

Linen is lightweight and durable which increases the life time of the garment, while cotton gives a smooth and soft touch to the texture.


Our linen cotton blend is highly breathable, absorbs a decent amount of moisture and at the same time releases it quickly, allows airflow to circulate through the garment and keeps you comfy.


After each wash, it will become softer and more pleasant to the skin over time.


Both cotton and linen are eco-friendly fabrics because they are made from natural fibers. Thus, the fabrics are 100% bio-digestible, environmentally and socially responsible.