Our supreme Divine incense sticks come in 10 different scents.


  • Sandalwood.

One of the most popular scents, is sweet, warm, earthy and creamy. It promotes positive thinking, clarity and aids concentration. Supports wound healing.


  • Agarwood.

With signature sweet earthy aroma, agarwood has the property to clean spaces and bring about positive vibes. It promotes calm and grounding energy.


  • Sacred Woods.

A mix of Sandal, Agar, Cedar & Pine wood. The scent is rich, warm, earthy and woody. Considered as sacred medicine in many regions, those plants help to stay calm, focused and grounded.


  • Surya.

A mix of spices and herbs. The scent is a sharp, warm, balmy & woody. It brings up warm, grounding and concentration energy.


  • Lotus.

Light scent of water lily and lotus. The scent is fresh and sweet. Mostly used for soothing and meditation, it is a fragrance of love and abundance.


  • Naga.

A mix of vanilla, coconut and wild flowers. Fused to enhance sensation and dreaming, it has musky, warm and floral scent. Lightens a space and helps healing past trauma.


  • Nag Champa.

One of the most popular scents – a mix of Champa flower and Sandalwood. Used for sacred rituals and divine connection in Hinduism and Buddhism.


  • Tulsi.

Holy basil is considered a sacred plant in India. The scent is sweet, cool and minty. For curing physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance. Helps relieve anger and calm the mind.


  • Floral.

A sweet scent of Indian rose mixed with other sacred flowers. The scent is light, floral and sweet. For soothing and bringing sweetness to your life.


  • Divine Rose.

Rose is known for love spells. Strengthens and balances the heart chakra, Inspires positive feelings and spiritual growth. Promotes unconditional love and positive thinking and clarity.


Each scent is a blend of tree resins (Myrrh, Frankincense, Benzoin, Sal tree) and barks (Sandalwood, Agra wood) then infused with plants and floral perfume oils native to the regions. All of them smell absolutely divine.



-              10 packs of 10 fine quality, hand-rolled, natural, Indian incense sticks.

-              handcrafted recyclable package.

-              vintage silk bag.

Set of 10 packs, Supreme hand-rolled Incenses