Our supreme Divine incense sticks come in 10 different scents.


  • Sandalwood.

One of the most popular scents, is sweet, warm, earthy and creamy. It promotes positive thinking, clarity and aids concentration. Supports wound healing.


  • Agarwood.

With signature sweet earthy aroma, agarwood has the property to clean spaces and bring about positive vibes. It promotes calm and grounding energy.


  • Sacred Woods.

A mix of Sandal, Agar, Cedar & Pine wood. The scent is rich, warm, earthy and woody. Considered as sacred medicine in many regions, those plants help to stay calm, focused and grounded.


  • Surya.

A mix of spices and herbs. The scent is a sharp, warm, balmy & woody. It brings up warm, grounding and concentration energy.


  • Lotus.

Light scent of water lily and lotus. The scent is fresh and sweet. Mostly used for soothing and meditation, it is a fragrance of love and abundance.


  • Naga.

A mix of vanilla, coconut and wild flowers. Fused to enhance sensation and dreaming, it has musky, warm and floral scent. Lightens a space and helps healing past trauma.


  • Nag Champa.

One of the most popular scents – a mix of Champa flower and Sandalwood. Used for sacred rituals and divine connection in Hinduism and Buddhism.


  • Tulsi.

Holy basil is considered a sacred plant in India. The scent is sweet, cool and minty. For curing physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance. Helps relieve anger and calm the mind.