This Rose Quartz, 7 Chakra crystals, Prayer Mala contains 108 beads plus one Guru bead and is used for devotional meditation, mantra and prayer. The number 108 is considered a sacred number in Hinduism, Buddhism and yogic tradition. In yoga, the number 108 refers to spiritual completion. 


-    6 mm Natural Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, green Agate, Citrine, orange Agate, and red Tiger Eye with white metal.
-    108 beads plus one guru bead.
-    Each one of the Rose Quartz beads is individually hand knotted.
-       Seven Chakra crystal beads are separate by white metal beads.
-     Length with tassel: about 22" (55cm) | Chain: about 35" (90cm)
-    The tassel is made of rayon silk, 4" long.
-    All beads are strung on a high-quality strong nylon cord.
-       The mala comes in a raw cotton carry bag


The 7 Chakras in our subtle energy body represent the 7 states of our personal growth. Each crystal associates with each Chakra in our body bringing it in to balance state. Crystals are believed to help us animating, sustaining and strengthening our spiritual body, bringing us into balance state and manifesting our own light in this three-dimension plane.
Rose quartz resonates with the heart chakra. It is the stone of unconditional and universal love, and infinite peace.
It also opens and heals the heart chakra. It releases hidden feelings that have been blocked. 
This crystal is perfect for all aspects of love including compassion for your own self.
Just as oxygenated blood from our lungs is pumped by the heart to the rest of the body, so the energy we receive from Universe passes through our heart Chakra before it moves on to nourish the other Chakras and system of our body.

Healing Crystals are treasures from the earth. The property of crystals is derived from their special orderliness and the stability of their atomic structure, which is not upset by outside force giving them unusual strength. Each type of crystal and stone has a particular vibration, derived in part from its color and atomic structure. Thus, healing crystals have powerful energies for people who comprehends magic of nature.


We have made our Prayer Mala in meditation with understanding of the wisdom from the sacred ancient tradition and the devoting way of life to spiritual path.
Each mala has been crafted by hand in the Sacred land of India with high quality beads and cleansed with special ceremony and natural incense at the sacred holy lake of Lord Brahma, the creator.

As crystals hold energies, Prayer Mala should be thoroughly cleaned once a month. There are few ways to clean your Prayer Mala and release the energies it’s absorbed back to the earth. Best way is to set your intention and speak into your Prayer Mala, then light up the natural incense to clean the space and place them under the full moon light or spring water or put it under the earth overnight by simply digging a small hole. You may wish to wrap your crystal in a clean cloth. Then, place your crystal in the hole.


We wish this Prayer Mala find its way to the right owner who see the value of it as we do.

Seven Chakra Stones, Rose Quartz Mala with 108 beads