Radiating light and happiness has never been easier. Super comfortable, easy to wear and cheerful, Silk Butterfly set will make you want to play. Made of up-cycled Indian silk saree this beauty will steal not only your heart but the looks of everyone who glances it too. 

Silk Butterfly set comes in one-size-fits-all wrap-around top and skirt. 

Silk Butterfly top features elbow length butterfly sleeves, open back with an elegant string for perfect fit and long belts to ensure comfort and style regardless of the body shape. 
Easy-fitting and just as eye-catching with its knee-length, Silk Butterfly skirt is designed for comfort, joy, beauty and freedom.  We have added a gorgeous wavy frill for some extra cuteness and long belts for a perfect fit.

With its square shape and long string, Silk Butterfly scarf can be worn in so many different ways - scarf, hair band, bandana, face mask and even as a top! Check our Instagram TV for more options of wearing it.

This beautiful vintage Silk Butterfly set is one of a kind and unique. We have been choosing the vintage fabric by ourselves to get the most exquisite and exotic patterns and color combination. Every set is made of 6 meters long upcycled mixed silk fabric. Only one set is available as there are no two alike. 


Made with upcycled silk fabrics, we are bringing an exotic piece back to life, preserving our mother Earth, and supporting the real people who put their hands and hearts to create the piece. The set was created in small scale by local artisans in the very area where the fabric itself is produced.


Garment measurements:
Bust: up to 40 in
Waist: up to 40 in

width: 47 in
Length: 20 in

Length: 20 in


Should you have any questions or require some more photos, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist.

Set Butterfly