We made this set entirely out of Hand Block printed fabric. 
This print is unique as it is that the design has to be created by the artist before the printing begins. It is carved onto the wooden block by hand. The carved block is then dipped into the dye and stamped onto the fabric with steady hands. The whole process is done entirely by hand. 

Separate blocks are used for each color thus creating designs unobtainable by any other method. Time-consuming and precise, block printing involves extensive years of experiences, teamwork and diligence.

Every Hand Block Printed garment is unique and carries its own story. Hand Block Printing contains the wisdom and spirit of the indigenous artisans from India who proudly preserve their traditions.
The energy flowing from their hands and hearts into the fabrics thus making them unique and exquisite. 

By using natural handcrafted fabrics and entirely handmade process, we aim to turn the clock back in time, preserve precious tradition and directly support the real people who put their hands and hearts to create the piece.

Find out more about Hand Block Printing in our Instagram highlight; www.instagram.com/atman.project

Our Surya set is super comfortable, easy to wear and cheerful, Surya set will add sunshine to your day. This beauty will steal not only your heart but the looks of everyone who glances it too.

Surya Set comes in one-size-fits-all wrap-around top and skirt made of light weight, no-stretch natural cotton.
Surya top features elbow length butterfly sleeves, open back with an elegant string for perfect fit and long belts to ensure comfort and style regardless of the body shape. With its knee-length, Surya skirt is designed for comfort and freedom. We have added a gorgeous wavy frill for some extra cuteness and long belts for a perfect fit. Simply a must have.

Garment measurements:
Bust: up to 38 in
Waist: up to 40 in
width: up to 43 in
Length: 22 in
Length: 20 in

Garment care:
Wash by hand in cold water separately.

The fabrics are 100% bio-digestible, environmentally and socially responsible. 

Created in small scale by local artisans in the very area where the fabric itself is produced and the wood blocks for printing are carved.

+Colors on the photos may slightly vary on different screens. 
+Scarf, skirt and top can be sold separately or as a set.
+ Custom-size can be made, if you want to make your own size, please message us.

Surya Set

$95.00 Regular Price
$76.00Sale Price
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