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Q started her journey with clothes and accessories in 2012. Her style had changed over the time and became as it is nowaday. She is passionate, enthusiastic and creative woman who believes in women and a better world. Her head is full of ideas and all these crafts are their manifestation.




Momo is a talented photographer and skilled jewelry smith. You will never find anyone more hard working and detail-oriented than him. Every piece of his creations is beyond perfect and unique!




Thanks to Nastya, all our design ideas have come to existence. She takes care of all the visual parts you are seeing right now on our website and social media. Hand down to the best creator!




Meow is our beloved main tailor in Thailand. She works from her own home.

We are working with another 3-4 small groups of tailors who we will introduce to you through our IG and here!




The bright  smiling face in our front shop. Lin is the youngest member of our team. He will welcome you and recommend the perfect piece that will suit you best! Lin is delightful, energetic and diligent. Who could be more perfect than him!

Why  WE DO what  WE DO 

The more time we spent in this filed, the more we understood that clothing and accessories are part of industry that is mostly dark and full of suffering. To spread the awareness in the world, we decided to create wholesome production process and products. 

We have chosen to live wholesome, slow life - working in a small scale and giving attention to every tiny detail, while preserving the nature and valuing the efforts of everyone involved. 

Simplicity and authenticity have become leading points in our creative process. 

With every creation we choose quality over quantity.  We value and honor handmade art and crafts. Every unique piece of ours is made consciously and intentionally, reminding us to fully appreciate and go about our lives in more mindful manner.


We wish to call ourselves a sustainable company. We take seriously the impact we leave on our Planet. We strive to use eco-friendly natural materials as much as possible not only for our clothes and accessories but also for our various packages. Low impact natural dyes & inks, recycled paper and lead-free metals are just few to name.

We do fair trade. It is of great importance to us to know who made a certain piece. We strive to create relationship, built on trust and respect, a relationship that far exceeds mere buying and selling. By doing so, we minimize the supply chain and directly support the right people. We make our clothes and accessories in a calm manner, with minimum stress.


Our aim is to celebrate the unique beauty of each person. We wish to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, to embrace your own magic and be proud of who you really are.

We hope, with our creations, we will help you strengthen the balance within and promote self-love. This in essence is the true meaning of ATMAN.

Now there are Atman Teams in India, Thailand, and Indonesia. We all have the same mission - to integrate traditional arts and crafts into modern, easy to wear products, while taking care of our planet.

All of our crafts are people-, animal- and earth-friendly.


With our eyes set on the future we aspire to inspire!

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