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Q started her journey with clothes and accessories in 2012. Her style had changed over the time and became as it is nowaday. She is passionate, enthusiastic and creative woman who believes in women and a better world. Her head is full of ideas and all these crafts are their manifestation.




Momo is a talented photographer and skilled jewelry smith. You will never find anyone more hard working and detail-oriented than him. Every piece of his creations is beyond perfect and unique!




Thanks to Nastya, all our design ideas have come to existence. She takes care of all the visual parts you are seeing right now on our website and social media. Hand down to the best creator!




Meow is our beloved main tailor in Thailand. She works from her own home.

We are working with another 3-4 small groups of tailors who we will introduce to you through our IG and here!




The bright  smiling face in our front shop. Lin is the youngest member of our team. He will welcome you and recommend the perfect piece that will suit you best! Lin is delightful, energetic and diligent. Who could be more perfect than him!

Why  WE DO what  WE DO 

Atman's story begins with Q's personal journey into the art of mindful living. Travelling to places near and far, she experiences the beauty of lands and their inhabitants who share stories and wisdom. Q's profound love and appreciation for authentic arts and crafts stems from her connection with local artisans and nature in each place she has visited. She came to the realisation that the beauty of life is intertwined with respect for nature, as we are an integral part of the whole.


She returned to her homeland, Thailand, and made the decision to establish and promote the appreciation she had discovered. She achieved this by connecting and collaborating with artisans from her hometown and the places she had visited. By combining the skillful artisans' experience with their wisdom and traditions, they create unique and ethnic crafts that continue to be produced today.


After 13 years in the fashion industry, Atman has become a symbol of love and kindness towards people, communities, animals, and the planet we call home. Every craft is mindfully created by skillful, passionate craftspeople in remote areas, who Q personally invests time and energy with. Our practices are rooted in fairness and direct trade.


In our perspective, Atman represents more than just creators of clothing and accessories; we see ourselves as warriors dedicated to making the world a better place. Our primary goal is to use our crafts to effect positive change for those seeking an authentic way of life, and to raise awareness along the way.


Our garments are meticulously handcrafted from quality, locally-sourced natural materials. They are produced slowly and intentionally on a small scale by local artisans working from their own homes. We directly support genuine individuals who dedicate their hands to spinning, weaving, and stitching, ensuring they receive fair wages.


Each of our unique designs is far from being a fast fashion label focused on bulk production and selling. They are consciously designed from start to finish, intended to outlast more than one fashion season, allowing you to both look and feel great while minimising the negative impacts we have on Mother Nature.


We take our responsibility for the environment seriously. We are committed to using eco-friendly natural materials whenever possible, not only in our clothing and accessories but also in our packaging. This includes low-impact natural dyes and inks, recycled paper, and lead-free metals.


Every craft we create is a promise of quality and the well-being of every life that encounters our little project. 


With our eyes fixed firmly on the future, we aspire to inspire!

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