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Please, read carefully the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS of use of the website, hereinafter referred to in short as THE WEBSITE, prior to your use of those WEBSITE.



These General Terms and Conditions shall govern the relations between ATMAN PROJECT on the one part and on the other part – each person using THE WEBSITE, hereinafter referred to as USER.


By using the services on THE WEBSITE, you expressly accept these General Terms and Conditions.


THE USER shall only be entitled to use the services of THE WEBSITES for personal/non-business purposes.



THE WEBSITE enable THE USER to place online orders for the purchase of goods from THE WEBSITE. They provide you with a wide-ranging choice of esteemed trademarks, with detailed descriptions and photos, as well as with the opportunity to purchase quickly, comfortably and easily the goods you like, which will be delivered to an address provided by you. 



THE USER must add the products intended for purchase to their basket.

The order automatically details the type, quantity, and exact final price of the goods, according to the contents of the “Basket” previously entered by THE USER.

When completing a purchase order, THE USER undertakes to supply true and accurate information.

In order to conclude placing order THE USER has to successfully complete checkout via PayPal by clicking the “Checkout with PayPal” button.

THE USER will be redirected to PayPal Homepage where the actual payment will take place. Once on PayPal page THE USER agrees to follow the Terms and Conditions set by PayPal.

Within 1 business day of the order’s placement, a representative of ATMAN PROJECT shall dispatch to THE USER an electronic message confirming order receipt or notifying THE USER that their ordered item is not available.

ATMAN PROJECT shall be entitled to refuse to deliver an ordered product due to technical or organizational reasons. An express notification of such refusal shall be sent to email address provided by THE USER. 



Payment of the price for ordered goods shall be made by using any of the following methods, at THE USER’s discretion:

  1. Via PayPal with any bank/credit card or with direct debit.

  2. Via direct bank transfer (available only for Thailand).

All prices on the WEBSITE are stated in USD. If your bank account or credit card is held in a different currency, you can still order by credit card via PayPal - your currency will automatically be converted to USD when you complete the transaction. The conversion rate varies from day to day with the current exchange rate. Many banks also charge a small currency conversion fee, contact your bank or credit provider for details. For this reason, ATMAN PROJECT is not able to take responsibility for the final amount charged to your credit card or PayPal account.



The WEBSITE’s content – databases, texts, photo material, graphics, etc., – is protected by copyright and neighboring rights within the meaning of the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act, as well as rights protected by the Marks and Geographical Indications Act, the rights holders being ATMAN PROJECT and/or its partners.

No part of THE WEBSITE may be reproduced under any form whatsoever, for any purpose whatsoever and in any medium or computerized environment whatsoever without the express written consent of the holder of the relevant intellectual property right – ATMAN PROJECT and/or its partners. Any improper use of THE WEBSITES’ content will be construed as violation of the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act, Marks and Geographical Indications Act, and the other applicable and enacted laws in the Kingdom of Thailand.



ATMAN PROJECT makes every effort to maintain on THE WEBSITES information that is true, accurate and current, without precluding the possibility of occasional inconsistencies or omissions occurring for fair reasons.

ATMAN PROJECT shall not be liable for any fallacy of the information provided by a manufacturer in regards to a given product’s characteristics.


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