Our Solar Worshipper Collection is inspired by the great love of the Sun 
and its powerful shining light that gives us energy during the day 
and hope for a brighter tomorrow during the night. 
Its warmth and healing power nourish our mind, body, spirit and soul. 
We spend our whole life orbiting around the Sun and 
celebrating the beauty of life in different forms.

We are all rotating around the Great Fierce Sun every single second of our lives. 
Its gravity shapes the orbits of all planets in our system.  It bathes everything and all around us with light and warmth. 
We live with this magical, timeless presence of shining love from the Sun every single day.

Since ancient times the Sun has been 
worshiped as the most powerful source of Life. 
We bow down with love and respect to 
its energy and vitality. 

When dawn breaks 
with the Light of the Sun, 
along comes hope, 
clarity and creativity. 
Warmth is spread 
to all the creatures 
in our system.

With the Sun rising up, Light chases away Darkness 
and skies become clear. Likewise, it brightens 
our Souls and brings strength and understanding. 
We celebrate the warm Light with 
the very enthusiasm and excitement it awakes, 
so we can continue our life’s journey 
with happiness and hope.

Our new designs are courageous, cheerful and 
yet elegant and humble. 
Some pieces are highlighted with bold tribal patterns, 
that bring us back to ancient times 
when the Sun was praised for everything in Life. 

“Solar Worshiper collection” carries 
a hidden message - 
every single piece is created as a reminder 
to enjoy and honor life. 
May we never forget that 
there is always tomorrow to come. 
May we remain forever grateful for 
the endless Light that shines bright upon us.   

We invite you under the warm tropical Sun 
to celebrate Life with us 
and take in its Light of hope 
into our every single cell.

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