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Desert Heart collection was born during our travels in the Thar desert. The vast landscape of sand and rocks stretching from horizon to horizon as far as the eyes can see touched our souls. We were captivated by the colors of the desert – the warm shades of sand dunes and sunlight in the day and the darkness of the clear sky full of stars in the night. The incredible spectacle Nature revealed before us left a soothing feeling of Peace and Harmony in our hearts. There is something very special in desert being gorgeously quiet and humble yet rigorous and harsh like no other. Something we still haven’t quite understood yet.

Desert Heart collection has been created out of soft and comfortable cotton-lycra fabric. Strongly influenced by the local tribes and their ancient culture we have chosen to use natural hand-woven Khadi accents, thus giving a touch of roughness to our creations.  The union between Khadi fabrics, with all their imperfections and the soft cotton-lycra represents the very nature of the desert – gentle but strong.