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Slow, mindful wear has never been easier. 

Our mission to create clothes extends far beyond beautiful and comfortable. Driven by love for Nature and People we dedicated our effort towards bringing up a collection that is both environmentally and socially responsible. We spent any number of hours researching the most suitable natural fabrics and their origin, finding the best local artisans and creating a small-scale production process that is clean and fair trade. Shortening the production line by creating locally, allowed us to give much more to the people who do the actual making and of course to minimize the negative footprint on Nature.

With the discovery of the Linen-Cotton blend the long search finally payed off and our new Earthbound Collection was born.

Cotton Linen fabric details
Cotton Linen Unisex Kai Shirt of Atman's Earthbound Collection

Linen-Cotton blend combines the benefits of both fabrics in one garment. While cotton provides for smooth and soft texture, linen brings in light weight and durability. The result is a comfortable piece that will last.


Linen-cotton fabric is highly breathable. It absorbs a decent amount of moisture and in the same time releases it quickly, allowing airflow to circulate freely and you to stay comfy. With each wash the fabric gets softer and softer and not after long you won’t wish to take your favorite piece off.

We believe in Slow Fashion. Owning less but high quality, responsibly produced clothes was what we had in mind while creating Earthbound Collection. Our timeless designs are minimal and practical, beyond fashion trends and season. We put your comfort as priority without compromising with elegance and quality. The colors we chose are natural, pleasing to the eye and can be easily combined with the rest of your Capsule Wardrobe.

Block Print Detail on Cotton Linen Lyra Dress in Natural White

We are proud to be able to create in small scale with local artisan families. Seeing them happy to work with us is utterly rewarding and fulfilling. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to take care of Nature by using all-natural fabrics and methods thus reducing the use of plastics.

We draw inspiration from ancient cultures and traditions which we apply on our creations giving them different, unique look.

With the use of Hand block-print technique, Earthbound Collection is no exception.

Every piece is individually stamped by hand and carries a proof of craftsmanship. The bold yet gentle accents will certainly draw by-passer’s eyes on you.   

There is this special feeling when wearing clothes made by hand, crafted with great attention to details and with deep respect to Nature. We had this feeling while bringing our new collection to life and we believe you will feel it too.

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