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Curating Your Closet: Key Questions to Ask When Decluttering

Decluttering your closet can be a cathartic experience. It not only creates a more organized living space but also allows you to make conscious choices about your wardrobe. At Atman, we believe in the power of mindful fashion, and decluttering your closet is a great way to embrace sustainable practices while curating a wardrobe that truly reflects your style and values. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of deciding what to keep and what to let go of by asking some essential questions.

Cardboard box of clothes labelled "Donation"

Does It Bring Joy?

Marie Kondo, the renowned organizing consultant, suggests that you should only keep items that "spark joy." When you hold a piece of clothing, assess whether it makes you feel happy and confident. If it doesn't, it might be time to let it go. Surrounding yourself with joyful items enhances your daily dressing ritual.

Have I Worn It in the Last Year?

If you haven't worn a particular item in the last year, it's a clear sign that it's not an essential part of your wardrobe. Be honest with yourself about why you haven't worn it. If it no longer aligns with your style or lifestyle, it's time to bid it farewell.

Does It Fit Me Right Now?

Our bodies change, and clothing that doesn't fit well can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Be realistic about whether you'll ever wear it again. If it's too small or too big, consider donating it to someone who can use it or repurpose it into something new.

Is It Versatile?

Versatile pieces are wardrobe workhorses. They can be mixed and matched with various outfits, making them essential for a minimalist wardrobe. If an item can only be worn with a single outfit or on rare occasions, evaluate if it's worth keeping or if it's time to pass it on.

Does It Align with My Values?

Sustainable and ethical fashion is at the heart of Atman. When decluttering your closet, think about the values you want to express through your clothing. Do you support eco-friendly brands, fair trade practices, or handmade craftsmanship? If an item contradicts your values, it may be time to part ways with it.

Can It Be Repurposed or Upcycled?

Before discarding clothing, consider if it can be repurposed or upcycled. Sometimes, a minor alteration can breathe new life into an old piece. Get creative and think about how you can give it a second chance, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Does It Hold Sentimental Value?

While it's essential to declutter, some items carry sentimental value. These pieces may not be worn often, but they hold memories and emotions. Be selective about the sentimental items you keep and find a special place for them in your closet.

Decluttering your closet is not just about creating physical space; it's about making room for a wardrobe that aligns with your values, style, and well-being. As you ask yourself these essential questions, remember that sustainable fashion, like Atman's offerings, emphasizes quality, ethical practices, and mindful consumption. By curating a wardrobe that reflects these principles, you'll not only feel lighter but also contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate fashion industry.

So, the next time you declutter your closet, make it an intentional and mindful process that reinforces your commitment to sustainable fashion.



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