Effortless, yet sophisticated, our Lyra wrap dress will make you look as great as you feel. The timeless, loose & adjustable design gives Lyra dress an ultra-comfort fit and soft coziness. You can go on confident and stress-free, and allow for more movement and air circulation through your day or night.

The color palette we chose, makes it very easy to style with many types of accessories.
Featuring long belt that can be tied in many ways – front, back or side makes fitting it to your body shape as easy as it can be. 
Created in small scale with great attention to the finest detail gives an exquisite final look. 


Made of 40% linen & 60% cotton blend we offer the benefit of both fabrics in one garment.
Linen is lightweight and durable which increases the life time of the garment, while cotton gives a smooth and soft touch to the texture.

Our linen cotton blend is highly breathable, absorbs a decent amount of moisture and at the same time releases it quickly, allows airflow to circulate through the garment and keeps you comfy. 


After each wash, it will become softer and more pleasant to the skin over time.

Both cotton and linen are eco-friendly fabrics because they are made from natural fibers. Thus, the fabrics are 100% bio-digestible, environmentally and socially responsible. Great way to be more sustainable and concentrate on better quality fabrics. Lyra wrap dress is great for you and Mama earth.


Garment measurements:
Bust:  32-40 in
Waist: 28-38 in
Length: 38 in 
Sleeves Length 17 in


Garment care:
For the first few washes, wash separately by hand in cool water. We always recommend hand washing whenever you can - to keep longer life time for your clothes and preserve our Mama Earth.

We love linen with its natural wrinkles, so for everyday look, we recommend to skip ironing. However, if you go for more formal occasions like wedding, you can go ahead and iron the dress  or with steam. The best time to iron your linen garment is before it is fully dry.

Lyra Dress in White

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