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Nandi Ji - our Block Print Guru

Nandi Ji is an always-smiling, petite Indian lady.

With the help of her family, she runs a small home-based block printing and natural dyeing workshop. Well known for her great work and cheerful personality, she rarely remains idle.

We admire the strength and courage of this woman. Some 10 years ago her husband passed away leaving her to raise three boys and take care of an elderly mother. Growing up three boys alone in India is not an easy task, especially in a remote village, where traditional believes and culture are still so strong. But she did and is doing great. Her boys are making their mom proud. The oldest son has a reputable government position and the middle one is helping her with the family business, while the youngest still goes to school.

There was a strong connection between us the moment we met Nandi Ji and her family. They are the ones who make our block prints. We always find our way to visit them. Time spent with them is precious and not only mere business. We are treated like family – we sit together, drink chai, laugh and share stories, and sometimes learn Hindi.